GeMROI Services

Sales training and product knowledge updates are ongoing for our customers. We communicate information updates regularly through e-mails, newsletters, mailings, installation clinics, and in person.

  • GeMROI works with customers to co-create, formulate, negotiate, and implement marketing and promotional programs.
  • We support customers by making joint presentations to target accounts.
  • We mentor customers’ sales forces, developing effective time management and using targeted sales training techniques.
  • GeMROI partners with customers to solve product issues and help resolve “gray areas” as well as warranty issues.
  • We assist customers with strategies for obsolete, slow moving, and defective inventory.
  • GeMROI pre-negotiates programs with principals as a matter of due diligence and ensure our customers’ success. We close the gaps between Goals - Strategies - Execution.
  • Our customer is the homeowner, the architect, the builder, the multi-family developer, the commercial builder, the building material dealer or wholesaler — all who influence the buying decision in the channel.
Since GeMROI® was founded in 1984, our philosophy to create and foster relationships with leading customers provides our principals with direct contact to essential decisionmakers throughout the distribution channel. These relationships, are personal and cherished by our company. They are our most valued asset and are guarded as such.

Our partner-owners, with over 450 years of combined management and manufacturing experience, offer input, strategies, recommendations, and suggestions which are valued industry-wide.

  • GeMROI professionally presents our manufacturers’ products and company, exceeding goals, with targeted marketing plans and programs.
  • We excel at organizing our time, delivering cross-functional action plans, adding value and synergy to our relationships with manufacturers, distributors, and builders.
  • GeMROI has trained field service technicians that will assist with installation and warranty issues.
  • GeMROI will keep principals informed about competitive activity in the marketplace.
  • Our field experience is instrumental in suggestions for emerging products, applications, and/or designs.
  • GeMROI’s partner-owners are an extension of each principal and enhance communication efforts with our customer base, including: product questions, lead referral, pricing, and troubleshooting.
  • GeMROI can assist with mergers and acquisitions. Exit strategies are often a part of every entrepeneur’s vision.
  • GeMROI has a long-term success perspective and we focus on principals and customers who share that business model.

Customer Service

Have questions about what we do our would you like more infomation on the services we offer? We'd be happy to help. Just visit our CONTACT PAGE to email us or give us a call. One of our Partners will contact you as soon as possible.

ph: 540 899 7786 | fx: 540 899 5498

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