The GeMROI Team

My start in the business was in a family owned lumber yard, Morrell Builder Supply. I eventually took over and ran the business. I founded a 2-Step distribution company, Morlite Distributors, which was later sold to GP Millwork. After a few years in the restaurant business, I came back to millwork with the manufacturer, Roto, and was based in Wilmington, NC. I joined GeMROI in 2001.

Educational & Professional Experience

University of Denver
Franklin Pierce University
1976-1989: Morrell Builders Supply
1984-1989: Morlite Distributors
1988-1993: South Shore W & D
1993-2000: Roto Frank of America
2001-Present: GeMROI

Contact Information

Mobile Phone: 910 232 4035
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Customer Service

Have questions about what we do our would you like more infomation on the services we offer? We'd be happy to help. Just visit our CONTACT PAGE to email us or give us a call. One of our Partners will contact you as soon as possible.

ph: 540 899 7786 | fx: 540 899 5498

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